About us

Our pre-school was established in the year 1971 but only since 1996 it was started to call the Maria Montessori methodology based pre-school and only in the year 2005 it was officially named M. Montessori pre-school. Our institution is providing childcare and primary education for 3 to 11 years old children. We have 4 primary education groups.
Our pre-school based on M. Montessori pedagogic methodology seeks to support cognitive, social, emotional and individual needs of a child. Our educational staff gives priority to an integrated educational activities, seeking to strengthen the individualization and differentiation of the educational content. Educating program of our pre-school is oriented towards the primary education areas achieving the goals that are set for common educational programs. The educational content is individualized and differentiated by the use of the Montessori tools that help to develop independent activities of a child.
Our vision is to contribute to the development of a free, independent citizen, who is able to perceive the importance of learning, capable to make meaningful choices of life and set reasonable activity goals; to integrate into society and to improve it; who is always ready to learn and develop own skills.
We believe that M. Montessori method is a unique educational system with its significance on the training of individual’s sensual abilities is essential for the development of individuals in this globalization era.